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Grace Loves Beads of Glisten

Gregory Evans Photographer NEW! CBLL10 release April/May 2017

Grace has been performing professionally for 10 years now and grew up watching her mother sing in the church choir in Memphis. She knew she had an affinity for performing when at just four years old she was asked to sing “This Little Light of Mine” in front of the congregation. As she grew older she realized her inspiration no longer came solely from the church, but from soul and rock and roll artists like Ray Charles. “There’s sound and inspiration all over if you are quiet enough” she’s use to say. Often times she retires to her “woman cave,” her studio apartment in Seattle, and listens to all the sounds within the space. Sometimes she’ll use the creaks and groans of the apartment to find inspiration for melodies. Her voice is unique indeed. While still amongst the greats like Etta James and Mahalia Jackson, Grace presses the bounds of conventional crooning, altering her voice from low and gravely to bright and gospel-like within the same breath and we are proud she accepted to join the Cannonball Collective in a project which is not only a bunch of releases on vinyl but also live sets, lyrics writing and more. Welcome home Grace!